Ladybug_fly - how do you slow this down?

I’ve been playing with Ladybug_fly and downloaded the Parametric Daylight Analysis script to test it out. Unfortunately, it ran too fast. Is there any way to slow it down or better still control it in some way, like take it one step at a time?

PS: From the downloaded script, it seems that there no need to link the output to anything. I thought what _fly does is to export values one at a time to the rest of the script so that it creates an animation of the output.

Have you had any chance to resolve this?
I have the same problem trying to run fly using Cycles render and FLY goes too fast. I’d love being able to slow the iteration down to let the cycles go through.

You can save the iterations in a data component then use the list item component to use the iteration results one by one

My issue is that I am dealing with hundreds of iterations and each render takes 5mns, then the analysis of each (downstream) is about 30s calculation. So stocking the iterations is fine but I cannot go Manuel through them all.

You can do something like this
slow (375.3 KB)