Ladybug Forum Analysis!

As we all like graphs I thought it should be a good idea to end 2015 with an interactive graph that shows how we interact on the Ladybug forum. During the last ~3 years we had 831 discussions, 3274 replies and 466 comments by 460 different people. Click on the image below to check who is talking to whom on the forum. You can find yourself or other people using the top-left box.

78.5% of the discussions get the first reply in less than a day, and 95.0% of them will get the first reply in less than 3 days.

Finally here is the activity log for the last 3 years which I wonder how it will look like by the end of next year. :slight_smile:



Happy 2016!


hey thats so energetic and Great analysis.

i wish to you Mostapha and Ladybug team the successful all the way.

So cool!!!


Very awesome! I like the reminiscence of the community discussion graphic to “the bazaar” in the “Cathedral vs. Bazaar” concept.