Ladybug Forward Ray Tracing component on OSX

I’m having trouble finding Ladybug’s Forward Ray Tracing component after successfully installing the latest Ladybug Tools 1.6.0 from the Food4Rhino webpage. Running Rhino 6 for Mac on OSX 10.14.6. Is this component available in this version of LB on OSX? Where could i find the component?


It has a new name. See here:

You can always search the docs page to find the component.

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Is it still possible to use this component for Ray Tracing in acoustics? Seems like it has changed from an earlier version, where the component could be used to evaluate some acoustical characteristics of a geometry by means of ray tracing. Since it’s using a sun vector and needs a base surface to reflect of, can it still be used to mimic a point source? Like in this method : GA Acoustics - YouTube


Hi @MatthiasDz ,

The ray tracing components were never really designed for acoustics modeling. They were really just meant to model parallel rays as you would get from the sun. You can make your own Grasshopper script to do this kind of analysis without too much work using the native Grasshopper components. Or you could write your own GHPython component that does the point source analysis. You see that there’s only one Rhinocommon method that is used to trace a ray through a set of Breps: