Ladybug.Grasshopper.gha - versioner

Applying the versioner i get in the report that i need to delete the LB.GH.gha before being abe to update. I did delete the file (after exiting Rhino). Applied the versioner again and still get the same report item while i don’t have the gha anymore.

Can be an issue?

So far i see that the icons on the toolbar are not showing for DF, HB-E and HB-R.
What do you say @MingboPeng?

Hi @AbrahamYezioro, what happens if you delete the folder? Maybe the check doesn’t really look for the file.

@mostapha is exactly right. It’s just checking for the location of the ladybug_grasshopper_dotnet folder right now so you have to delete the whole folder. I am going to change the reported message out of the Versioner component to make it clear that the whole folder is supposed to be deleted.

And I’m going to say that you can most likely ignore that .gha warning for every update you do except for stable releases. The .gha file that provides the tab icons really hasn’t changed at all since we fist made it and we’re probably not going to update it to include the image viewer and other compiled C# components until we’re at some later stable release.

Message has been updated:

Charm. Works as you both said, @mostapha and @chris .

hey @chris. Just a quick query. After reading this discussion I updated the LBT using versioner. I can see above your versioner is 1.0.3 but even after update my versioner still remains at 1.0.2. (even after restarting Rhino) Is it ok?

Give our automated system an hour to do a new release of lbt-grasshopper and then you’ll be able to get the latest component by running the versioner.

Hi @chris. First, thank you for all your hard work. I remember a tutorial you gave us in Les Norford’s class; I think you were still a student at that point! Anyway, cool to see you have the same energy with LadyBug tools!

I downloaded a fresh LB 1-2-0 installer today on Food4Rhino and get the previous delete the .gha files in the report.
Nevertheless, after deleting the whole folder did the trick.