Ladybug hourly plot error: 1. Solution exception:'LegendParameters' object has no attribute 'properties_3d'

I am trying to generate a hourly plot (3d graph) for dry bulb temperature and wind speed. I get the error 1. Solution exception:‘LegendParameters’ object has no attribute ‘properties_3d’. Could anyone please look into it?

Hi @pranav ,

Your screenshot shows components from two different versions. So I assume that this error happens because you have core python libraries for LBT 1.5 installed but you are trying to use a component for LBT 1.6.

So just update your installation and you can use the LB Sync Grasshopper File component to ensure that all components on your canvas are synchronized with your installation.

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Hi @chris your reply was very helpful. thanks a lot.

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Hi @chris ,

I have the same error but I believe my versions are the same. Do you know what else could be the issue?

Your core libraries in your installation do not match the version of the components on your canvas, @jgv . Run the LB Sync Grasshopper File component.