Ladybug - how can I extract one year of data from an EPW for Analysis?

So I realize that when you download an EPW from online, it often has data across multiple different years. For example, this Newark EPW file has 10 non—consecutive years of data between (1976 -2003).

I feel like this is a really large range of data, and simply lumping, for example, Nov 1976 data with Nov 2003 data may not provide accurate analysis and results, and may misrepresent climate and conditions during that time of year. I was wondering, how can we extract and use ONLY the data from 2003 for charts and analysis?

I used the “LB Deconstruct Data” for the “Model Year” and used “Equality” to find just the datapoints in 2003, and used the output as a cull pattern for deconstructed “Dry Bulb Temperature” data, but when I try to input just the Dry Bulb Temp for 2003 as a data list into, for example, “LB Degree Days,” there is an error that says “1. Solution exception:‘float’ object has no attribute ‘convert_to_unit’”

There are similar errors that occur if I try to visualize data in charts or use other modules in LB for analysis.

Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks!