Ladybug install on rhino 8 for apple silicon

having trouble installing the ladybug for rhino 8. The first prompt asks me to unzip the python component, but I didn’t see one in the downloaded folder for ladybug. Then I downloaded the newest version of python and tried to add it to the ladybug_tools folder, but no dice. Any suggestions?

Hi @quinn ,

I have LBT installed on my Mac with Rhino 8 and haven’t had any trouble - so it definitely should work for you.

I am not sure why you aren’t getting the python interpreter downloaded automatically, but prehaps its a security setting someplace? I believe it is supposed to download to:


In any event: if you want to try and install python yourself, note that LBT uses Python v3.10, not the latest v3.12.

To get Step 2 to work, you would need to have the interpreter unzipped / installed in your:


best of luck,

I downloaded python3.10 and put it in the enclosed folder “python” but that doesn’t seem to have worked. Any other suggestions?

Hi @quinn,

oh - so don’t put the python in that download folder - you have to put the python interpreter inside the folder:


folder. Not the download folder. When you run Step 1, ladybug tools will create that directory, if it doesn’t exist.


Hi @edpmay,

Thanks! that worked