Ladybug installation on external SSD

Hello everyone,
this might come as a stupid question but I was wondering if I can install the ladybug tools in an external ssd?
I tried doing it but for some reason it fails as the original drive where the tools are saved is the C drive.
Does anyone know if this is possible and if yes how?
Thank you very much

Yes, it’s possible but setting it up correctly will be different depending on how you installed Ladybug Tools. If you created an account on Pollination and used the single-click installer for Pollination Grasshopper (that includes Ladybug Tools), you can just select where you want to install and everything should get set up correctly. If you used the Food4Rhino installer and then copied the ladybug_tools folder to a different place, then you will have to run the following commands to set your installation up correctly:

[new_path_to_ladybug_tools]\python\Scripts\ladybug.exe set-config ladybug-tools-folder [new_path_to_ladybug_tools]

… then you have to run this:

[new_path_to_ladybug_tools]\python\Scripts\ladybug-rhino.exe set-python-search