Ladybug installation problems

I can’t manage to make the Ladybug work again. I had Rhino 6 and Grasshopper reinstalled this summer and since then Ladybug plugins aren’t working, even on programs i made that worked before. In the last couple of days i tried uninstalling and reinstalling Rhino 6, Grasshopper and Ladybug at least 3 times, following some tutorials and procedures. One of my friend also tired to help me but without success. Every time both Ladybug and Honeybee are there installed at the same time with Rhino 6 (I tried even uninstall just them and reinstall them). I can’t manage to make Ladybug fly. What can i do?

this is the error message, also I don’t know if is relevat or not, but my operation system is Windows 10

Is there a chance that you installed Revit and Dynamo?
If so, you need to uninstall the IronPython 2.7.3. This version of IronPython is not compatible with the GH’s.

It worked! Thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue: I felt like i was going crazy…