Ladybug | Ladybug+ | Ladybug Legacy - difference

Hello Folks,

I’m still a bit confused about the difference between Ladybug | Ladybug+ | Ladybug Legacy and I hope you can clarify things.

From the FAQ of Ladybug it appears that Ladybug Legacy is the original Ladybug, which was written for Grasshopper only and Ladybug is the newer released version as a standalone. Unfortunately, unlike Ladybug Legacy, Ladybug misses some very cool features like the Windboundaryprofil or the Comfort Mannequin.

Now to my question: What is Ladybug+? Is it worth to install the Github version (Ladybug Tools · GitHub) next to ladybug? Or am I just installing it twice?

Just for the background: Now I have successfully installed Ladybug and Ladybug Legacy and want to do an UTCI study for a bus stop station.

I hope I didn t overlooked a feed. Thank you very much,