Ladybug Monthly Bar Chart Error

Rafat Ahmed wrote:

Hi Mostapha, ladybug team doing really fantastic works, and ladybug the most fabulous plugin for environmental study,

and through some environmental investigation i find the new monthly bar chart which will make the visualization more effective and representable, so i have error says " 1. Solution exception:need more than 8 values to unpack" as photo attached

I answered:

I would say that you need to update your components (specially the Ladybug_Ladybug). The last one is from Nov 23.

But Rafat respond that the problem is still there.

Attached a working file (for me).

If i’m here i have a couple of questions:

The plotted curves don’t have the legend colors. Is this a bug?

I saw in the git/issues that the average curve is thicker than the hourly ones. Is this a direct output of the component or is it a different manipulation?

-A. (75.2 KB)

great Abraham, rather than its curve are there’s an option to visualize it as Bar since the name is Bar chart.

Yes. If you connect monthly average/calculation results in the input.


Thanks Abraham!

Rafat, Does it mean that the issue is solved?

PS: All the credits for this component goes to Chris Mackey. He is the developer of the component.

Hey Mostapha, ya actually its working. all credit for our bro Chris.