Ladybug Monthly Bar Chart

Hello I am a new user on the forum so I apologize that it will not let me upload my script. I was wondering why my ladybug monthly bar chart was coming out so strange. Has anyone faced this issue before and know where to start. I can give you a link to a google drive with the script if that would help.

Hi @jebadia2, if you want to see monthly values for cooling, heating, etc., you should probably use an energy balance chart.
Maybe this Hydra file can help :,0

Alternatively, you can just use Ladybug Average Data so that the hourly data for cooling, heating, etc. are monthly averaged before being linked to the Ladybug Monthly Bar Chart.

If you want to visualise hourly data, you are best using LadyBug 3D Chart.


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my goal is to have a chart where you can see the items being compared similar to the one showed in this hydra link.,0

For the energy balance chart is the goal to have a high or a low energy balance?

@jebadia2 The problem is that you are connecting hourly data for heating, cooling, etc. to the Monthly Bar Chart.
You first need to convert these hourly data to averaged monthly values, using Ladybug Average Data.
Did you give it a try ?

For the energy balance chart, the goal is to have a good understanding of what is happening inside your zone. But you need to connect all the necessary inputs (heating, cooling, people gain, etc.).

To upload your .gh file, please use the dedicated button :

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Hello It is now working however it seems as though the numbers are incorrect.

Shouldnt these numbers be higher?

Also I was wondering if I can use this information to find eui?

I would like to know why the glazing conduction value is always negative!
I’ve tested this in some detail in another post and it seems like an error

Hi All!
This is not a particularly nice implementation of an EUI annual chart but I needed something for Honeybee 1.3.0!

EUI (30.3 KB)