Ladybug_Open EPW and STAT Weather files | WorkingDir issue

Hi community,

For some reason, the component Ladybug_Open EPW and STAT Weather files don’t want to import the epwfile into grasshopper ONLY when I imput a directory folder… The EPW file still well downloaded and unzipped…

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Charles C.

I am not able to re-create the error at my end. The same weather file works just fine at my end. Can you please elaborate?

This is probably a bug/limitation. There is a check if the weather file name is in the directory name. Normally when you download directly to c:\ladybug, a folder with the same name of weather file will be created therefore this check passes. However, when introducing a workingDir_ then the weather file is unzipped directly into the workingDir_ so the addresses check return None.

A fix could probably be to change to destination of unzipping the files to always be in a sub-folder regardless of workingDir_

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Sry for the delay guys.

Thanks vhoang for pointing this out :wink: !

it worked. I made it parametric as I don’t know how to edit python inside the component. (12.0 KB)


Hi guys, this small issue still on, is it possible to fix it ? @mostapha ?