Ladybug or HoneyBee


I would like to calculate direct sun hours and do some shadow analysis for every room in the building. I did the calculation but when I was looking for a way to export the data to excel, I found this:

So now I am stuck. Which tool should I use? I have the model of the house with surfaces plugged as geometry breps

and the rest of the building (walls, roofs) as context breps.


Look at the outputs of the component. You will have the “results” with is a list of the total direct sun hours on this point. You can use some mathematical method to calculate how you want to use it.
Otherwise, as far you’ll use excel, you can export the entire list and use in it to deal with your data.

Hi @s.urbanski
1.Ladybug sunhours analysis taked all breps as opaque material. It is usually used for outdoor and site sunhours calculation.
2.Honeybee taked breps with different material such as opaque wall/Trans glass. It is more detailed for indoor sunhours calculation.
3. You can use lunchbox or tt toolbox plugin to export data as excel file.

Thank you @MR_Yuki
I tried that before but I connected the panel to the “report” instead of “results” stupid mistake.

Thank you @minggangyin
I guess that in my case I must go with Honeybee. I watched some tutorials but calculations are made on unrealistic (from my point of view) models.

My model has a wall with the real world thickness coming from architectural documentation.

Is there any tutorial telling how to start with the honeybee and using a model similar to mine?

You don’t have to. Just don’t connect the glass geometries to the component.

You can connect all the geometries to context. The component doesn’t make a difference between wall thickness, shade or any other geometry. Everything is just context blocking the sun.

Thank you @mostapha.

if my understanding is correct, Honeybee calculates the light including the influence of the glass, other materials, and some other factors.

But if I want just to know how many hours of direct sunlight the surface has, I can use Ladybug.
Is my understanding correct?

Yes. Your understanding is correct.

Thank you once again. Now I can move with my project.