Ladybug_Photovoltaic surface, shading factor and SVF

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions regarding the Ladybug Photovoltaic surface. I understand that the component is based on PVWatts V1. I went through the Manual of PVWatts V1 and I understand that a single value is considered as a shading factor for the whole simulation period, which is later provided as an input to the DC to AC derate factor component. However, an accurate calculation would use an hourly value for the shading factor. Downloading SAM (NREL) and selecting PVWatts (V5 I think) as a modelling tool, I noticed that, hourly shading factor values are considered, using a 3D shading scene. I am wondering if there is an easy way to do that with ladybug.

My second question is regarding the SVF. I am wondering if the Ladybug Photovoltaic surface considers the sky view factor (SVF) for the calculations of the incident diffuse radiation on the surface. It is not clear to me, even after consulting the PVWatts manual.

Thanks a lot!