Ladybug plugins and Rhino 7 compatibility


I have installed Rhino 7 along with Ladybug. I have been running scripts for daylight analysis that were made while also running Rhino 6. The scripts are causing inconsistent results each time it runs with rhino 7. Is there any known issues or bugs that might cause this to happen when using Rhino 7 but not Rhino 6?
I have the following versions installed:
“Ladybug” : “2020.”,

“Honeybee” : “2020.”,

“Dragonfly” : “2018.”,

“Template” : “2018.”,

“OpenStudio” : “2.9.1”,

“OSJSONFile” : “2015.”,

“THERM” : “7.6.0”

The Legacy plugins are only fully compatible with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6. Switch to the latest LBT plugin if you need something that is fully compatible with Rhino 7.