Ladybug-radiance for Annual Daylight simulation can't do parallel calculation?

Hi everyone,
I was recently working on a daylight simulation and found that it took a lot of time to complete.
As shown in Figure 1, after simulating the system build with version 1.5 of ladybug, it can be seen through the resource manager that only a few individual cpu cores are involved in the computation and a large number of cores are not being utilized.

As shown in Figure 2, my previous daylight simulation system built with 0.66 & 0.69 version of ladybug software will use all cpu cores for parallel calculation, especially multiple python calculation windows will pop up on the desktop, only one window will pop up when I use 1.5 version of the software for simulation?

Is it the new version of ladybug that redesigned the computational logic of radiance, thus making parallel computation impossible? This problem is causing me to spend several times more time than before on simulations, so I hope someone can answer this question!
Have a nice day. :grinning:

Hi @omen,

At the time of taking that screenshot in Figure 1, the parallelization (of ray tracing) has not yet kicked in. It is still running the PrepareMultiphase task, which prepares the grids and octrees for the recipe.

This is expected. Notice in the example below how multiple tasks (in this case ray tracing) have started running without finishing any tasks in-between.

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Hi, @mikkel
Thanks for your help, I get it! :grinning: