Ladybug Radiation Analysis - Bake Error "'projectName' is not defined"

Dear ladybug community,

I am reading since 3 years the topics in this community and it was always very helpfull. But today I am facing an issue, which I cant solve by simple googleing…

I ran a Radiation analysis with the ladybug component. It worked great, but now I need to place it into a PDF presentation.

The “bakeit_” input of the radiation component seemed to be the right choice, but I am recieving the following error:

“1. Solution exception:global name ‘projectName’ is not defined”

Picture of my definition is attatched.

Would be great if somebody can give me a hand with this.


Insert the component from new. I would also suggest to update the file with the LB_updater.

I can see that your inserted component has different output names than the released version (i.e. out vs. readMe!.

I’m sure this will solve the issue.


Thanks for your fast reply, Abraham.

Updated everything twice, but still the same error…

What do you mean with the different outputs? “(i.e. out vs. readMe!.” Where can I compare my component-outputs with the newer ones?
Due to the fact that I updated everything I assume the outputs are okay?

Reinsert the component or upload your file.

The update is not always the solution, if the component itself changed the number of input/output items or their names changed.


Hey. Thanks again for you your fast answer!

What do you mean with “reinsert”? I deleted the radiation component and placed it on the canvas again. Then I reconnected the inputs.

The file is attatched.

Radiation (401 KB)

OK Ben,

There is a problem indeed.

I opened an issue in the github for this.

In the meantime i edited the component so it works. Attached (you can edit it and fix line 192, from projectName to projectName_.

-A. (771 KB)

Bug is fixed on the Github. Thanks again for finding it!