Ladybug Radiation Analysis comes out weird - voids in its analysis?


I have formed a mesh using sweeps of a section that I converted from Brep to Mesh as my geometry. When I do radiation analysis of this mesh, some layers are blue and some are red in the same direction of the sun. This is very strange, I’ve looked at other answers about increasing the distance from the base, but I’ve increased it up to a factor of thousands and it still looks strange.

Is it to do with my geometry? how do I get it to analyse my building uniformly? I’ve checked the mesh analysis and it looks correct. However when I look at the vector analysis, it seems as though it doesn’t pick up the blue areas at all. Is there a way to rectify that? Looking at the initial mesh, the vectors aren’t all in the same direction.

My vectors look like this in the output, I assume this is the issue but I’m not sure how to rectify it. I’ve unified my mesh for the input and there were vectors across all faces.

Increasing _disFromBase can hardly be the solution, usually 10cm is already enough to avoid issues. Have you double check that you have set meters as units in Rhino?
If this is not the case, you can try to upload the grasshopper file so is easier to check where the problem is.