Ladybug radiation analysis dispatch and mtx file error

I’ve been trying to initiate a successful script for radiation analysis using ladybug on Mac OS.

The gencumulativeskymtx component is giving me errors.

I installed Radiance, and an error appeared but I looked it up and placed the gendaymtx.ete file in the path folder, which solved this error.

Another error appeared which says "1. Solution exception:Could not find file “/Users/yafim/ladybug\AMSTERDAM_NLD_1990\AMSTERDAM_NLD_1990_dif_1.mtx”.

I’ve looked here but couldn’t figure out a proper solution from it.
This is a file path issue I think, but the problem is that I am on a network server, so my path isn’t simply C:\Ladybug but \users\yafim\ladybug.

In GH the gencumulativeskymtx component the readMe! output is
"0. Current working directory is set to: /Users/yafim/ladybug\AMSTERDAM_NLD_1990
1. Runtime error (FileNotFoundException): Could not find file “/Users/yafim/ladybug\AMSTERDAM_NLD_1990\AMSTERDAM_NLD_1990_dif_1.mtx”.

I tried changing manually the path by inputting a panel with “/Users/yafim/ladybug” into the workingDir_ node of the component to try and set it but it didn’t have an effect on the default path.

I’m not sure if these components rely on other installations such as OpenStudio or Daysim or EnergyPlus. Should I install any of these?

Any suggestions as to solving this properly?

Hi @YafimSimanovsky,

The first issue is most likely happening because we are trying to use a Windows executable file on mac. Can you copy the gendaymtx file from your Radiance installation into folder? I think we will still need to make a number of changes to how we execute the command but before that let’s see if it will work with the correct executable.

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Thanks for the reply @mostapha. Can you explain which folder you mean by “into folder” ?

I have found a solution to be able to bypass this error in Rhino for Mac.

You will need to generate the .mtx files in a Windows machine first, then just copy this files into the working folder you wish to use.

I order to be able to load the file, you need to edit the source code of genCumulativeSkyMtx component and replace: “\” + newLocName by: + “/” + newLocName.

Then just create a panel with the folder location, for example: /Ladybug/ and connect it to the workingDir_ Input.

Hi ! jaimenlngram I just did it but it’s not working for me. It will be great if you could help me

@JaimeIngram and @jriver11 please open a new topic for your questions. You can reference an older topic using the link. I believe discourse also gives you a warning when you try to post a reply to a question which is a year old!