Ladybug Radiation Analysis layer not rendering?

Hi all,

I’m sure this is a very simple question, but why isn’t my baked ladybug radiation analysis layer in Rhino rendering? The rest of my model renders, but the heat map produced by the radiation analysis component doesn’t appear. The layer is turned on and visible (even when in ‘rendered’ view mode) but disappears when I actually render an image.

I’ve trawled the forums and google but can’t seem to find anything.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve read that it’s necessary to assign a material in order for the layer to render but many of my other layers do not have materials assigned and are still visible. Also, would adding a material not lose the heat map I’m trying to render?

If you are doing an irradiance study, the values that you are mapping on your image pertain to the radiation incident on the surfaces and not exitant (ie radiating out from the surface, in which case the properties are relevant).

Hi Sarith,

Many thanks for your reply. Rendering is new to me and I’m not sure I fully understand it. I simply want the coloured heat map, which represents incident radiation, to render on top of the building massings such that they can be included in a report to comment of the viability of putting PV on the roofs. At the moment, the buildings are rendering, but the radiation analysis is not. Is there a simple fix or workaround for this?



Did you try baking the colored meshes (heatmaps) generated by grasshopper/Honeybee into Rhino? It seems to me that radiation results only exist as Grasshopper objects right now. It would be helpful for me and others to offer some suggestions if you can include the Grasshopper (and Rhino) file with your reply.


I’m also not sure what is the question here. But in case it is what Sarith writes, i suggest looking at Antonello’s component: LB_Texture Maker.

There is some example on the discussion or even better on hydra. So look for it.


For what i said, check these links 1 and 2.

There you’ll find the answers how to render the simulated results.