Ladybug Real Time analysis: hourly radiation result from skydome

Hello everyone,

I am doing some irradiation analysis with Ladybug, where I need the hourly irradiation values of each of the 145 cumulative sky patches.
The output values of the skydome only gives the sum of all input timesteps.

As I understand, I can change the input manually and run the simulation again. But obtaining hourly values for several days seems impossible.
There is a component “Ladybug Real Time radiation analysis” which seems to do what I want but I cant get it connected to the skydome.

Does anyone have an idea how I could solve that problem?

Something like this is what you want? (420.3 KB)


oo this is a tough one!!
could not solve but would really like to know the solution.

Thanks a lot for your reply! At first glance it looks like what I want. However I cant make your file run. I connected my .epw file but the Ladybug_sunpath gives the error " 1. Solution exception:‘list’ object has no attribute ‘ToNurbsCurve’". I am sorry, I tried to make it run but I am new to Grasshopper and I didnt succeed.

I solved my problem now with the help of the Anemone plug in and a classical loop around the Skydome. I also had to changed the number of digits after the comma for the output and convert it from kWh/m2 to Wh/m to make it visible. This works fine for me. I would like to share the solution with you but this is prevented by the webpage, “new users are not allowed to upload files”. Sorry for this!

Best regards :slight_smile:

You can post a link for the file.

This solution is too easy :sweat_smile:

Here is the link