Ladybug reColorMesh

how can i change the position of the analysisTitle_ of the reColorMesh-Component?
Kind regards, Michael

Hi @michaelzoels

Did you ever find a solution to this?

@Falk ,

If you are using the LBT plugin (and not legacy like this original thread), you can just move the title with a native Grasshopper Move component like so: (42.2 KB)



Thanks for the effort :slight_smile: I am using legacy though :confused:

I did find a solution for this. I read it in another thread yesterday, where @chris posted the anwser.
It looks like this, if anyone should sumble upon this thread.:
Disable the reColorMesh components preview.
For the x/y coordinates I just used a points node (pt) to place a point in the rhino 3D canvas. Hope it helps.

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