Ladybug sample files missing on download


I am trying to move my company’s daylight and sunlight analysis over to dynamo to make us more efficient as we do a lot of our projects in revit.
I am excited to have found ladybug and honeybee as they seem to be exactly what we are looking for.

I am following along the tutorials to get a foothold in the processes but not all the sample files have installed when i downloaded ladybug. I only have the first 3. (00…02) Code block joke

is there somewhere i could download the remainder of the sample files?
i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ladybug.

Working in Revit 2017 and dynmo 1.3

An help would be greatly appreciated

They are all moved to Honeybee for Dynamo. It was to slow to run it inside Dynamo/Revit so I re-wrote the code to use Radiance for the calculation.

thanks for the quick response Mostapha