Ladybug selective sky matrix not running

hey guys,
I was trying to get stimulation data through ladybug in Rhino 5 by following this video:

I tried with two different epw files and results are different.

From the image you are trying to get the radiation for a night hour (21:00).

I tried for a different time also … still, it’s not working anything else I can try?

Upload your file.
Also i would try to insert the LB_LB component. It should be always on the canvas. Do that and recompute the solution.

I am unable to upload the file here due to some new user policy of the forum.
I can mail you though if you can share your mail id.
I have the already inserted the lb_lb component its still not working

@ahujadhruv019 You can use dropbox/GoogleDrive to share your model.

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epw of ahmedabad, india

script for ladybug

The hours input should be a value between 1 and 24. You are giving 45.

can you please upload the script
i changed the hours to 10 am still not running …

Your grasshooper script can work fine on my computer.

I just used yours and changed the hors input.
Please check the cumulativeSkyMtx output from the LB_genCumulativeSkyMtx component. I suspect the gendaymtx.exe file. See the hint of the component. Look for the file under c:\ladybug or C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug\


its still showing the hoy value is incorrect … is there any solution ?

the error is showing the value of the hoy is smaller than 1 or greater than 8760 but the value is 826 so the problem is with the select sky mtx valuing system …
do you think reinstalling can help ? or something else can work ?

Did you check this output? Connect a panel to it and post the image.

I noticed that the path for your EPW has a space:

Delete this space and try again, or use a different path without spaces in it.


Well, the original problem is not anymore. Now you have a problem in the radiationRose component, which you don’t explain.

After removing both diffused and direct radiation, your sky has value 0 for all patches thus there is no radiation rose to be drawn.