Ladybug_Set Rhino Sun (rhinoSun) - IndexOutOfRangeException

Getting this error message when trying to run a sun study on Rhino. I have attached a screenshot below. Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks.

Hi, according to my understanding, hour cant be a decimal/float. The EnergyPlus Weather (epw) files usually possess hourly data. So, the 11.3 value in hour input cannot be used.

The issue persists when I switch to integers.

You are mixing versions. Your location component is from LBT and the rhinoSun is from LB Legacy.
They don’t work together.

I am very sorry, you can use float/decimal for hour.
I tried the recipe and I understood that you are using the Import Loc component from recent ladybug and rhino Sun from the legacy version of ladybug.
Please try to use import epw component of legacy ladybug to run Rhino Sun

That fixed it, thanks so much!