Ladybug shading Designer & EP window shade generator

Hi , everyone
there is a question when I use the honeybee to do the daylighting simulation . I want to know the difference between Ladybug shading Designer and EP window shade generator .

With the shading Designer you need to provide the glazing surface (window). For the EP window shade generator you need to have defined thermal zones and their windows.
Yo can also ask/use the SunShades_Calculator.

Thanks for your responding . I doubt that the Shading Designer is for daylighting simulation and the EP
** window shade generator** is for energy simulation . When I use the EP window shade generator for daylighting simulation ,whatever I change the blind’s angle ,the outcomes’ change is subtle.

Both can be used for both simulation types, It is true that the EP is more straight forward to use in eenrgy simulations. If you want to have external shaders all of them aree the same: You need to add them as context.

Ok,so brilliant of you . Thanks for you helping me .