Ladybug shading designer for vertical shades

I’m trying to use the Ladybug shading designer component for creating vertical shades on east and west windows but I get weird geometries. I’m using the GP definition on hydrashare and basically just changing the North direction to use the window as an east-facing one. Can you help me figure out how to get the definition work for vertical shading? Thanks.

Attached is the GP file. (454 KB)

Hi Khaterah,

To create vertical shades with the sunVector in Shade designer component, you can set optionalPlanes_ input.

Please find attached to see an example of that.



shadingDesigner Vertical (408 KB)

Thanks. what would be the input for optionalShadeSurface? Also, when I change the number of shades nothing happens.

Also, isn’t your window facing south?