Ladybug Shadow Analysis


I am working on a very simple shadow analysis using Ladybug. The script works fine and is attached below. It creates the shadow of a mass on the horizontal ground. However, I want to see multiple shadows on the ground that belong to different times of the year. I also want the shadows to be around 50% transparent, so all the shadows will be visible on the ground.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have attached both files. The script can be seen below:

I want the results to be seen like the example below:
image (31.2 KB)
shadow_study_rhino+GH.3dm (144.6 KB)

Thank you,

Hi Aybüke,

I’m really greatfull for your analysis scrip, it do help me a lot! And I got the result that you looking for, although it’s been late for two years haha.

have a good day,