Ladybug Simplify Component Calculation

Hi everyone.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to calculate only one output of a component in Ladybug.

I would like to optimize the orientation of a panel with Galapagos, where the:

  • Genome = Panel Orientation

  • Fitness = ACenergyPerYear

This is running very slowly and I was thus wondering if all the other outputs of the Photovoltaics Surface could be disabled to make it run faster. Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

Thank you.

Hi Erik,

You can not choose which component outputs will be calculated and which not.
You can see in this video where optimal tilt-azimuth is being searched with Galapagos that the speed is also slow. I speeded up the framerate 40 times. If I remember correctly the Galapagos was working for a couple of hours. In your case it may work less as you only have one slider connected to the Genome input.

This is one of the reasons why TOF component should be used, instead.

OK thank you djordje I will keep that in mind.