Ladybug skymatrix error

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe it are my installations of OpenStudio and other installations needed to run some components of ladybug.

Do you see what I am doing wrong?

For the gh-file, please see

Hi @rabbit
I modified and attach your file.

In general, you can’t copy links from climate.onebuilding, and other websites. The method of creating a link is available in the attached file. Also enter the _direct_rad and _ diffuse_rad inputs correctly. (66.0 KB)

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Do you might know why the mesh is not fully colored :slight_smile:
What I am doing wrong?

The file is in the link below.

I am trying to do the following of this tutorial.

Hello @rabbit
You entered the geometry input incorrectly.
I used scale to make the work easier. (44.3 KB)

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Thank you Mohammad :smiley:

I opened it and it looks like this. Maybe it are my rhino settings :thinking:
You scaled it but your image looks great.
Might it be brep or mesh? I did not change something.

Is your Rhino unit a meters?
My rhino settings:
Model units: meters
Absolute tolerance: 0.01

That worked. But now I do want a non-scaled version.

Now I have this and I do not know why it happens.
I can scale down and then scale up bit my general question is,
why does one mesh works, one brep does not work, one mesh one time works and when scale it sometimes works :confounded: yes that confusing is it for me like how I wrote it :slight_smile:

  1. This is a Ladybug thing?
  2. I appreciate the software very much but is it just a thing?

It is probably my geometry input but I do not know what causes all.
To solve it, use scaling because it puts the geometry correct?