'Ladybug specialist' in design firms?

Hi- I’m wondering if your design office has someone who specializes in what Ladybug accomplishes (microclimate modeling, human comfort analysis) and what their background or day-to-day looks like.

Why I ask… Our office (perhaps predictably) relies on a couple of younger staff who can open Grasshopper to follow Ladybug tutorials but have no technical resource beyond it, and I’d like to suggest hiring someone as that resource, as this is a constant ask.

Apologies if this is not appropriate to the forum- this is the only forum I know to turn to for all things Ladybug! :blush:


Yes, typically medium-to-large firms have an internal research or computational design team where dedicated building science or environmental specialists do exactly that.

If you search for research teams in architecture firms you’ll find plenty of examples of what their background or day-to-day is like. You can actually find a lot of examples on this forum, since many research teams post their job announcements here.