Ladybug Sun Analysis

I am creating facade geometry of approximately 1000 faces. I use that as the input as geometry for sunhours analysis in ladybug which works but it produces like 8000 test points of sunlight hours.

I want the sunlight hours as 1 number of each panel. I then want to use that number to calculate a factor to generate and offset a second screening panel whichsize will vary according to the factor.

So question if someone can please help is can I get a single sunhour analysis for each panel?



Mesh each panel as a single face mesh and use that as the input for testGeometry. The component will use the center of each mesh face for the study.

You can also input a very large number for grid size which will should give you the same results.

At the same time, just using the center point might not be the best approach. You can average the values for each surface and use that value.

I did that but it doesn’t give centre as a test point only on the mesh geometry but a number of test points. How does it calculate how many test points it will do for each geometry?