Ladybug sun hour analysis problem - Result is all gray


I have an strange issue which I hope to get some assistance with.

With the component DirectSunHour I want to do a sun hour analysis the of plot belonging to a private villa. But the results are all gray, as shown in the image below with test geometry. I get no error code from any component and have tried different geometries for the inputs _geometry and context_ without luck. The script is linked below… Any help is appreciated!

I searched the forums but did not find any solution to this issue. If I have missed it I would gladly be redirected to that post.

Link to grasshopper file:

Change the display to rendered/shade/wire. Arctic display doesn’t show the colors right.

It puzzles me that I didn’t think of just changing the view mode… A simple solution to a simple issue, thanks @AbrahamYezioro!