Ladybug - Sunlight Hours Analysis _gridsize

is it possible to generate one testpoint instead of the gridsize with many tespoints?
I have created a grid (screenshot) but with the input as gridsize it does not work. Can someone help me please?

Hi michaelzoels,

You definitely can do that - run a sunlight hour simulation with a single test point.
As long as your geometry as analysis surface is small enough, you will only get one point in the grid, with one mesh face.
using ‘direct_sun_study’ example file:

As for your model, it was a bit difficult to understand your settings from the screenshot.
However, for the component I showed above, remember to feed surface(s) to ‘geometry’ and feed all other opaque elements to ‘context’. Also, check the direction of your analysis surface. Starting with simple geometry as a test run could help.