Ladybug sunlight hours analysis not returning any info

Hi evryone
I’ve been working for a while now using Grasshopper and Ladybug, but I have this strange issue I don’t know how to fix;
I’m willing to use ‘Sunlight Hours Analysis’ in order to study the effects of “fishnets” I created in front of a window; for some reason, the ‘Sunlight Hours Analysis’ doesn’t seems to be working since it returns no results. I don’t get why, since it should be working and that I have already used this script in the past and that it was perfectly working well.

Does anyone has any idea of why this component is returning no result ? I’v looked on the internet for some answer but none of them seems to be working for me.

Ps: the component just returns ‘0’ values
Pps: I cannot send attachements :frowning:
Ppps: I ALSO cannot send multpile images :frowning:

Spend some time on the forum and search for this problem. That will also gives you the privileges to attach files, etc.

When the results is all 0s most of the time the normal direction of your input surface is backwards.

Thank you Mostapha, you were right ! I rotated my analysis surface, it now works :slight_smile: