Ladybug Sunlight Hours / Radiation input mesh


When I use brep as geometry to analyze and set grid size everything is fine - resulting mesh density changes accordingly.

When I use mesh on the other hand grid size affects nothing - faces are just as they were input into the LB component - I would have to change mesh density prior to plugging it into LB component.

My question is - am I doing something wrong or is it just like that and its better to use breps? This is quite a problem when using geometry imported into rhino from other software. Have you got any workaround?

Thanks, have a good one

That’s how it is set-up. The idea is if you have a mesh you have already decided on the grid size.

If you don’t want that you have to recreate the breps from mesh faces before connecting them to the component.

Here’s a link to an article on using the MeshToNURB command in Rhino to do this.

I had the same issue - here is how I solved it:

I converted just those mesh surfaces that I needed to used as geometry in sunlightHoursAnalysis using the MeshToNURB command. Those surfaces were then assigned as breps and connected to the _geometry input in sunlightHoursAnalysis. Once that was done, I could control the grid size on them. The rest of the meshes I left alone. They were assigned as mesh and connected to context_ input. This kept the file size manageable.

@mostapha - Do let us know if this is the right way to do things. Thanks!

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Hi @muditsaxena, Thanks you for the update. That’s how it should be done if you are dealing with a Rhino model. If you want the process to happen inside Grasshopper then you can set-up a similar workflow to convert mesh to breps.