Ladybug Sunpath Mesh Values

I’m a student in Architecture working on a project of facades that are changing depending on the direct sunhours values provided by the sunpath using Ladybug Tools.
My problem is coming from the mesh obtained with the LB direct sun hours component, I don’t know if i’m using it right but it seems like some of the facades are receiving inconsistent values ( vertical blue lines (value0) next to vertical orange lines (2nd highest value) ).
I first thought it was coming from the fact that I was using a time period of a single day, and that the facades aren’t getting enough sun. But when I extended it to a month time period, I’m still having the same issue and I wanted to know if someone already encountered this one and know how to fix it.

You can see on the following images that 3 out of the 6 facades are getting a “normal” mesh, going from the yellow values to the blue ones. but the other ones are just straight vertical lines, alterning between orange and blue values.

Plus : I’m using rhino 7


Hi Alkimbo,

could you attach a simple gh file with the surfaces internalized?

Here is the file with the internalized surfaces
file link :
I’m sorry as new user I’m not able to upload attachments to my message and I have to upload it elsewhere :confused: