Ladybug sunpath to too many sunvectors to generate shading surface with shading designer

Dear all,

A co worker of mine is trying to generate a shading design from about 2700 sun vectors,unfortunately there are so many sun vectors that the component crashes.

The timeStep is already set to 1 so I can’t reduce the number of sun vectors apart from changing the length of the analysis period which I don’t want to do.

Perhaps I should write a component which will whittle down the number of sun vectors?

I’m interested to hear all your thoughts,



What is the purpose of the study? Generating a shading surface for each vector is too much. Generate the sun position for a couple of days in each month instead of every day and then you should be able to run the analysis as expected.

In addition to Mostapha’s comment i want to let you know that Antonello and I are working on a new shading device component. The project is halted at the moment but we intend to renew the development soon. So be tuned.