Ladybug tool in Linux


Does anybody know if the ladybug tool can be used in Linux? Currently, I am aware that it can be used as toolset within grasshopper in Rhino. Rhino doesn’t seem to be supported on Linux. So is there any workaround to use it on Linux?


@nkunwar You can try to use ladybug toos Python version on Linux.


@minggangyin Thank you for your suggestion.I tried looking at Github where it says, “Ladybug is a Python library to load, analyze and modify EnergyPlus Weather files (epw). You can download epw files from EPWMap.” Do you know if the python version used for daylight analysis?

If you know the python based tool that could be used for daylight simulation , could you please provide me the name or link to the tool?


You should use lbt-recipes for that. See here:

You can execute the recipes using the run command: main — lbt-recipes documentation

The components’ source code should help you with an example. Also check the unittests in the repository.