Ladybug Tools 1.0.0 vs0.69 - repetitive components

Hi there!

I am just getting deeper into Ladybug. I have used the previous version and just recently installed the new one.
I now have lots of Categories in Grasshopper and I realized some of the components are redundant.

My question is: Can I only use the latest Version (1.0.0)?
Or will there be something getting lost?


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Hi @MirunaVecerdi ,

See the end of the release notes for a list of the legacy features that are not yet in the LBT plugin:

I’d say 80% of legacy features are in the LBT plugin and those that are there are vastly improved. Also, the next stable release of the LBT plugin should get us pretty close to 100%.

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Thanks a lot for the reply!
Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the near future