Ladybug Tools AI assistant is about to provide support in Discord!

Hi everyone,
I have collaborated with @minggangyin and other avid users to create a Discord channel for real-time sharing and communication. We have set up several major sections and a few minor ones to segregate discussions on casual chats and different professional topics.

Additionally, we have developed a robot equipped with an AI model (like ChatGPT 4) to answer queries about Ladybug Tools. This robot, trained by the Ladybug Tools Primer, is capable of solving many basic problems and has achieved fairly good results. You just need to mention @Ladybug AI Assistant in the channel and post your question to receive a response!

Currently, the channel is mainly being tested and used by Chinese-speaking users. We plan to fully release the link after completing the tests and refining our community management rules, which is expected to take about a week.But until then, you can use this temporary link to go in and test, and you can give me your suggestions and expectations.

Since we use a community autonomous management model, most managers have no experience in maintaining Discord servers, so before fully opening to the public, I also want to hear your suggestions .



I created this AI bot called Laydbug Study Assistant.This AI bot worked fine.
It can answer your question about green building design,building performance analysis and Ladybug . Welcome to your new ideas.


Looks very interesting! Thank you for developing it, both @ZhengrongTao and @minggangyin !