Ladybug Tools Plugin for Grasshopper Documentation

The Ladybug Tools (LBT) Plugin for Grasshopper includes a wide range of building simulation capabilities that support environmental design. It is composed of a few hundred Grasshopper components, which are organized into different insects, each of which is specialized in a particular set of capabilities.


Ladybug Ladybug - Weather data analysis and visualization.
Honeybee Honeybee - Detailed modeling of buildings in various simulation engines.
HB-Radiance HB-Radiance - Radiance simulation (daylight, radiation, glare/visual comfort).
HB-Energy HB-Energy - E+/OpenStudio simulation (energy use, HVAC sizing, thermal comfort).
Dragonfly Dragonfly - Abstracted modeling of large buildings and districts in various simulation engines.


See the lbt-grasshopper wiki for instructions on how to install the Grasshopper plugin for free.

Ladybug Tools also offers purchase-able single-click executable installers, which make it much faster and easier to install, particularly in the case of deploying to multiple machines. If you are interested in purchasing the installer, please email

Sample Files

All regularly-updated sample files for the LBT Grasshopper plugin are included in the .zip file that comes with the Food4Rhino installer.


Is this documentation new? This is fantastic! Can’t wait to share this with my compatriots

It’s relatively new but the individual component pages are technically a few months old. I’ll be updating it today in preparation for the LBT 1.3 release.

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