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This is a lovely, long and informative thread. I thank you deeply for your positive influence, kind words and creative images.

It’s probably time to close this thread because the code base for this release needs cleaning and really because scrolling to the bottom or top takes too long. ; - )

And with a new release and the script starting to settle down. it would be nice to select a code name for the script - similar to ‘Aragog’ for the Spider ‘Aragog’ gbXML Viewer.

The current naming scheme is to remix the came of a spider.

@sarith: In recognition of you good efforts, would you like to choose a nice code name for Spider RAD Viewer?

Here are some lists of spider names to choose from:

And there are probably some cool Indian spider names to choose from too, if you wish.

I suggest:

  • Spelling could be simplified or shortened if needed
  • 6 to 10 letters
  • Easy to pronounce


@TheoA Agree. This has been fun! I think we also set the record for the longest thread after transition to discourse. @MichalDengusiak had contacted me regarding an offline discussion some time in the future. I’d be happy to contribute to future developments as and when you get started on this again. Since there have been some new developments in Radiance workflows pertaining to accurate sun position modeling, I will likely be updating my daylighting tutorial in the near future. I will sneak in at least a couple of examples of the Rad viewer in it.
Regarding a new name, as @mostapha would attest, I usually am the last person you should ask!



All good.

Would you kindly pick a number between one and 220 and note it to a reply?



Update: So, I get where the 220 came from and I think the value for 94 is too obscure a name. Perhaps Makdee (pronounced Muck-dee )would be a more appropriate name. It means spider in Hindi. @devang ?

Here we go… random to the max!


The lucky winner is 94


It does. :grinning: You are right. I wouldn’t recommend it though.


This will be a very interesting project if we pick Spider in different languages for different spider tools! :smiley:

We can also make a Wall of Spider at some point to compete with this project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@sarith @mostapha

All good ideas.

Here is what the number thing is all about. I copied all the spider names from the following link into a text editor:

There were 220 entries. I asked Sarith to choose a number from 1 to 220. He picked 94. Here is the text for line 94:

Hololena curta (Agelenidae) – Corner funnel weaver

Hololena is quite a pretty name to my ears. But then Makdee sounds bold and strong. And both choices provide guidance for further choices. I will be be very happy with either choice. Any further thoughts form anybody?