Ladybug Tools Webinar Workshops: March-May, 2017

Magnificent Community of Ladybug!

This is a reminder that we will be kicking off a 2-month-long series of webinars starting this upcoming Thursday, March 9th. Each webinar will last for 2 hours and will cover one of the latest and greatest topics from recent development. Although the webinars will be happening each Thursday around 12:30 Eastern Standard Time, registration will give you indefinite access to recordings of the webinars so that you can reference them when the time comes to apply them on your work!

The grand list of workshops is as follows:

1 - High-Quality Graphics, Visualizations and Animations with Ladyb…

2 - Brute Force Parametric Energy Modeling and Sensitivity Analyses…

3 - Wintertime Indoor Thermal Comfort Visualization - Eliminating P…

4 - Summertime Indoor Thermal Comfort Visualization - Setpoints and…

5 - Condensation Modeling with HoneybeeApril 20th, 12:30 PM EST

6 - Urban Heat Island Modeling with DragonflyApril 27th, 12:30 PM EST

7 - Expanding Your Climate Data Sources with DragonflyMay 4th, 12:3…

8 - CFD Simulation with OpenFOAM, Rhino/Grasshopper and Butterfly (…

This series will have a similar arc as the one in the Fall, starting with basic topics and moving to advanced ones as we progress down the list. The first one will be accessible to all users regardless of prior experience and all of the workshops listed here will cover topics for which there is currently no tutorial video content. Hope that you can attend!

Hi Chris,

Always humbled by your knowledge. Thanks for sharing it…

I just joined the GH+LB community and see I missed the series. How can I have access to the recordings?

Big Thanks!


Hi Chris, I (or a colleague in a more favourable time zone!) will be attending next weeks presentation on Dragonfly for sure.

The registration page suggests that the tool is currently being developed for climate change and morphing of the weather files to account for this.

Is this correct? and if so, do you mind me asking what methods are being looked at for this? Perhaps this is one for the presentation next week?

Thanks in advance, Erik


You can buy access to any of the recordings from here:

I should also note that all of the videos have dropbox links to free example files with them.

Finally, depending on how patient you are, I plan to work a lot of the content from these series into new youtube tutorials sometime this summer.


Yes, I plan to fully integrate epw morphing for climate change into Dragonfly. At the moment, I don’t have Dragonfly code or components for this but, in the webinar, I will go over how I recommend doing this morphing right now with the CCWeatherGen Excel tool:

I have been trying to contact the scientists who developed the tool to see if they would share their code, which will make it easier to integrate their methods with the rest of Ladybug Tools, update them to the most recent climate change projections, and fix a couple of bugs that we have found in the Excel tool. I haven’t been able to get a response from them so I imagine that I might just end up rebuilding their methods from their two most important papers:

I’ll explain more in the webinar.


Chris, Thank you!

I am patient, however crave for the knowledge, so I think I will watch the recordings and follow the tutorial over the summer. Keep us posted!

Big Thanks again!