Ladybug View Analysis Points Input

Has anyone had the problem of points from surface divide components not working as an input for the View Analysis Component? If I bake the points it works though…

Not a big deal, but slightly annoying. More than likely I’m doing something wrong though.

Attached is a screenshot.


Hi Brent,

Try to divide Untrimmed Surface, Probably you use the Trimmed surface for generating pts.


Hi Omid,

It is a trimmed surface. It’s a river. So without a ton of culling and point selection, that’s not really a viable solution for me, personally. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Why would a trimmed surface vs. an untrimmed surface and the points that are created result in the View Component not working?


When The object in GH & Rhino is Trim, The Divide Surface component Generate Pts based on the Original (Untrimmed surface). [history tree].

In result, the Divide Surface component provides outputs null when the point is not

inside the trimmed region of the surface.

You can remove null outputs (with clean tree component) and View analysis should work.