Ladybug vs Honeybee


I am fairly new to both ladybug and honeybee. I have been trying to study the solar radiations falling on my geometry. I tried using the component radiation analysis in ladybug and could run it successfully and have some results. In order to get more accurate results I was suggested to move to honeybee which I have been trying to do but to begin with I made a test for a small rectangular geometry and tried to get results from both using ladybug and then using honeybee with grid based analysis.

The results I got were off by 3866 Wh. Could somebody explain to me why?

I am attaching some files below if someone can have a look and help me understand what is the matter would be appreciated.

All this pursuit for me to get to include the reflection from the ground as well!! How can I do that using this simple geometry as an example.



test (494 KB)
test honeybee.3dm (25.2 KB)

If you want to do comparative studies you should use the same sky type. Are you using the cumulative sky for both examples? If it’s for a point in time analysis then you should use the climate-based sky.

Actually, when I use cumulative sky type in honeybee, it does not let me do radiation analysis for some reason.

Radiation Honeybee Sample with Ground. (483 KB)