Ladybug White space user folder


Just downloaded ladybug and honeybee and excited to get my teeth into them!

however i seem to have a white space problem with my user name which is stopping ladybug from ‘flying’

Im not great with computers so some step by step advice to fix this would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance!


Hi Ben,

I try to run rhino as administrator (right klik run as administrator) so that the system can make default folder, it should be in c:\ladybug.

To make sure the program is working properly, you should follow the instruction which mostapha has wrote in…

Instructions for Installing Ladybug + Honeybee:
(Follow steps 1-6 for basic functionality and 1-11 for full functionality)
0. If you have an old version of LB+HB, download the file here (
and open it in Grasshopper to remove your old Ladybug and Honeybee version.
1. Make sure that you have a working copy of both Rhino and Grasshopper installed.
2. Open Rhino and type “Grasshopper” into the command line (without quotations). Wait for grasshopper to load.
3. Install GHPython by downloading the file at this link ( and
drag the .gha file onto the Grasshopper canvas.
4. Select and drag all of the files in the “userObjects” folder (downloaded with this instructions file)
onto your Grasshopper canvas. You should see Ladybug and Honeybee appear as tabs on the grasshopper tool bar.
(If you are reading this instruction on github you can download them from
5. Download the files at this link (, unzip them and copy the contents
to both C:\ladybug and C:\Users[yourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug.
6. Restart Rhino and Grasshopper. You now have a fully-functioning Ladybug. For Honeybee, continue to the following:
7. Install Radiance to C:\Radiance by downloading it from this link
(…) and running the exe.
6. Install Daysim to C:\DAYSIM by downloading it at this link ( and running the exe.
8. Install Energy Plus 8.1 to C:\EnergyPlusV8-1-0 by going to the DOE website
(…), making an account, going to "download older
versions of EnergyPlus, selecting 8.1 and running the exe.
9. Copy falsecolor2.exe ( and evalglare.exe
(…) to C:\Radiance\bin
10. Download the OpenStudio Libraries ( and unzip them to C:\ladybug\OpenStudio.
11. You now have a fully-working version of Ladybug + Honeybee. Get started visualizing weather data with these video tutorials

It works for me…


Hi Ben,

That’s exactly why we added the defaultFolder_ input to Ladybug_Ladybug for the new release. Just set it to another folder on your system with no white space and it should work fine.

Welcome to the camp!



Thank you so much for the help!
time to get this project flying! Vviiiiizzz… !


Ok. This is it

Working great now:)

Thank you very much!

Hi Mostapha,

Could you please help me by showing step by step because i have the same problems too. I don’t know much about computer, especially terms like " white space". Thank you

Hi kelvin, Did you try to connect a panel to input similar to image above? There is no more steps.

Hi, Mostapha,

Sorry this is my very first time using Grasshopper. Could you please show me how to get the left and right panel shown. Thank you


You just need to insert a panel component, which is a native GH component.

Double click in the workspace of GH and write panel


Thank you so much. it works now.