Ladybug wind rose issue

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner user of ladybug and I was hoping to get a little support with the newly installed LBT plug in.
Specifically I am trying to recreate a windrose with a time period set, but the outcome of the windrose does not look right.

Could anyone help me to find out If I have set something wrong?

P.S. I tried to attach the .gh file, but as a new user apparently, I am not allowed to.

Assuming your EPW is fine i would increase the max_freq_lines input at the WindRose component. Say 10 …

So, I did try that but this was the outcome…

Try a different period, try the whole year, try another weather file.

Setting _show_calmrose_ to True might also help. It seems your climate in that analysis period has a lot of hours of very low wind and that calm rose will show this.


If you’re still having issues, go ahead and attach the GH file (or send me a link to your epw file) and I’ll check it out.

So, changing the period of time has clarified that the winds blowing were very low, and that is why the graph was looking kind of ‘flat’.
Thank you all for the support.