Landscape design performance analysis

Hi, everyone!

In one of the latest project that i’m working on, we are trying to convince the client about the need the water element in our design, and how that will help to incerese the outdoor thermal comfort. its a known fact that water indeed help in passive cooling but more and more we are trying to understand how our design will work on some of the specific localities that we have.
I would like to know,
1. is it possible to model an outdoor design space intensively and perform thermal analysis using honeybee ?
2.if so, what could be the work flow
any help much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @agorgeatthemountain

To answer you question: Yes you can run an outdoor comfort simulation using Ladybug tools. You can find a sample of the workflow in the folder samples Honeybee Energy.

This simulation will give you some understanding of what the effects are of different measures taken. But the effect of water is quite complex. For more detailed simulation you can better use Evinmet. There are some plugins (dragonfly legacy is one of them) which can translate your rhino model to Envimet.

@Erikbeeren Thank you, much appreciated for your valuable suggestion !!